Pathways, 2022.

This painted area is the second in a series of artwork installations at Griffith University. Located in the undercroft area of N65, this is a collaborative design created by Bachelor of Visual Art and Bachelor of Design students.

‘Pathways’ highlights this area as a transitionary space through which students and staff walk to get from one place to another. This open planned undercover area is never still, it is an active space. Looking and walking, each pathway reveals a new vantage point. Each student will walk through this space in their own way.​ This is an inclusive space. Hands reach to embrace and the bright colours on the pillars and ceiling are inviting and provide a visual lift making the space feel bigger and lighter.

“Wow, what an opportunity and amazing learning experience. This type of subject is one of those ones that has information that artists have to learn about years after leaving uni.”

Griffith StudentQueensland College of Art