Temporal Gestures, 2022.

Ernest Street, South Brisbane is a highly visible thoroughfare connecting the cultural, social, and educational precincts of South Bank. This street includes an underpass which forms part of Queensland Rail infrastructure with painted artworks managed by the positive pARTnerships program. Through collaboration between QLD Rail and QCA LiveArt, this site now has a newly painted artwork designed and painted by students studying Public Art at Queensland College of Art, Griffith University.

‘Temporal Gestures’ celebrates diversity through abstraction, adapting a well known psychological ink blot test to highlight both our unique and shared perspectives. Seeing and interpreting the world through our own lens is not unlike a unique interpretation of a Rorschach ink blot. Engaging with the multiple surfaces of the rail underpass, this design is a colourful and multidimensional work that celebrates the legacy of Expo 88 with a vibrancy that also points to the future.

Using a palette of yellow, green, purple, blue and grey this design creatively overlaps and doubles across the walls and poles. To an extent, the imagery from each wall and pole are mirrored. It is as if the freshly painted walls have been pressed together to create a completed inkblot image. This is exciting, as it brings a liveliness to the work as the forms relate to one another and reverberate through the space. Designed by Anna Weston

“I really enjoyed public art as it was very different from the other classes I have done at Griffith. The course was super engaging, I experimented with a scale I had never thought of doing before, new materials, and learned about logistics such as traffic control. What I loved most was the public aspect, I felt like I was really a part of the art community outside of uni.”

Zoe StuartBachelor of Visual Art