Growing Here, 2021.

This long artwork frieze is the first in a series of artwork installations at Griffith University. Located at the Nathan Campus Arrivals Plaza, this work was designed by Bachelor of Visual Art student Niamh Flynn.

‘Growing Here’ is a visual rhythm of native floral forms that create a welcoming sense of movement as students and staff enter Nathan Campus. Referring to local floral shapes and colours to reflect the landscape surrounding the campus this artwork focuses on the natural environment placing natural flora as a central motif for the arrival’s plaza.  Highlighting key plants using the ‘Grows at Griffith’ app for iPhone, and a catalogue of personal photos taken on campus by artist Niamh Flynn, this artwork design represents Wattle, Banksia, Blue Commelina, and Eucalyptus. The title of this work is both a literal reference to the native plants that grow on campus, as well as a metaphor for personal growth and learning.

“we all came from different creative backgrounds... Everyone had a say and we were all involved in the subject”

Griffith StudentQueensland College of Art