Trade Routes, 2020.

This project is a collaboration with iAM Projects Director Simon Koger and the Ipswich City Council to develop a public artwork with Contemporary Australian Indigenous Art student Kyra Mancktelow. QCA LiveArt worked closely with Kyra to prepare digital artwork files and install a large format mural on the underside of the main pavilion in the redevelopment of Tulmur Place Civic Centre, Ipswich.

This work forms part of the Indigenous Walking Trail which was developed by iAM Projects as a part of the Ipswich CBD Public Art Strategy. Designed for ongoing public engagement, the Walking Trail draws upon in-depth Indigenous consultation will locals and Elders. The walking trail is a key storytelling component of the Art Strategy and showcases artwork elements in three main areas:

Pavilion A (pictured): Large format mural on underside of the pavilion. ‘Trade Routes’ by Kyra Manktelow references local peoples and regional trading pathways throughout the Ipswich area.

Water Play: Kim Ah Sam and Kyra Manktelow create a series of bronze cast and hand woven fish traps, suspended from the Pavilion and surrounding a spectacular waterfall element. Two pair of platypus also stand either side, nestled near garden elements.

Cultural Garden: Kim Ah Sam and Kyra Manktelow moulded and bronze cast three Brush Tailed Rock Wallabies, standing in amongst sandstone blocks and native plantings. The cultural garden is located near the Children’s Library and is designed to enhance story telling and educational opportunities.