Coming Together, 2022.

This painted area is the final mural in a series of artwork installations at Griffith University. Located along the Johnson Path at N18, this design was created by Bachelor of Design student Amber Ferris.

Gathered by a common goal to grow and succeed, ‘Coming Together’, resembles the collaborative and flourishing community at Nathan campus. I have used hands to symbolise diversity and inclusivity at Nathan campus. Referring to natural elements in both form and colour, this design symbolises growth and togetherness. I have composed this work in a way that creates a similar effect to looking up at
blue skies and the beautiful natural canopies of Nathan’s trees. I chose the grey gums as they welcome and guide us through our academic journeys. The shapes and colours of the grey gums flowers and leaves have influenced the design of the hands and details of this mural.

“The practical component of this course meant that we connected with relevant professional opportunities in the creative industries”

Griffith StudentQueensland College of Art