Mindful Trace, 2019.

The Queensland Children’s Hospital (QCH), Oncology Unit provides diagnosis and treatment services for children and adolescents with cancer. Patients receive a range of care and treatments including surgery and radiation therapy. The Oncology Service provides access to radiotherapy through the co-located Radiation Oncology Mater Centre – connected by a patient walkway.

Influenced by a sense of place, community and the Queensland Children’s Hospital Oncology Walkway, ‘Mindful Trace’ is a metaphor for the important role of the walkway in the lives of children undergoing oncology treatment. Using abstract forms of enlarged gestural brushstrokes, this design encourages feelings of freedom and mindfulness. The work records playful marks from artist’s studio, which are then transformed into an expressive composition along the walkway. Each gestural mark connects the artist with the patient community through mindfulness and mark making.

“QCA worked with our Arts in Health program to promote healing and recovery and to support emotional wellbeing. The new artwork brings colour, joy and life to the building, transforming the hospital from a clinical hospital environment to a vibrant and engaging space where patients’ imaginations can be engaged.”

Lynne SeearManager Arts in Health Program